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The official name: Montenegro(Crna Gora - Black Mountain)
Location: South-East Europe
Border countries: By land: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania. Over sea: Italy
Length of borders: 614 km
Size: 13,812 km²
Population: 626.000 (according to the 2003 census)
Capital: Podgorica
Religion: 74,2 % Orthodox, 17,7% Muslim, 3,5% Catholics, 4.6% Other
Language: Montenegrin
National parks: Durmitor   Lake Skadar (40.000 ha), Lovcen (6.400 ha), Biogradska Gora (5.400 ha)
Currency: Euro (€)
Time: Central European Time GMT+1
Internet country code: .me
Airports: Podgorica and Tivat, Dubrovnik airport is 20 km away from the border.

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